[NPFX Ep. 57] Innovation, Authenticity, and Impact in Fundraising (with Jarrett Ransom, the Nonprofit Nerd)

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Welcome to The Nonprofit Fundraising Exchange, a podcast from IPM Advancement. Our mission is to empower nonprofits to succeed so they can make the world a better place.

Today’s topic: Innovation, Authenticity, and Impact in Fundraising (with Jarrett Ransom, the Nonprofit Nerd)

Join host Rich Frazier and guest Jarrett Ransom for a candid conversation on what it takes to be successful — and stay sane — in nonprofit fundraising. Jarrett shares insights from her 15-year journey as a consultant in the nonprofit sector, including her latest inspiration from the documentary "Uncharitable" featuring Dan Pallotta. Other topics include the need for innovation in fundraising, how to achieve a healthy work-life blend, and the value of bringing who you truly are into your work.

Time-Stamped Episode Shortcuts

  • Topic and guest introductions [1:02]
  • Discussing Dan Pallotta and the documentary, Uncharitable [3:53]
  • The importance of innovation in the nonprofit sector [7:19]
  • What it takes to be authentic in your work [9:32]
  • Breaking out of a scarcity mindset [18:32]
  • Work-life balance vs. work-life blend [21:12] 

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Jarrett Ransom, aka the Nonprofit Nerd, has worked exclusively with nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. She is passionate about creating community and empowering others to see and exceed their full potential. As a trusted advisor, she has helped clients successfully raise millions of dollars in support of their missions. In addition to being a member of the IPM Advancement consulting team, she is president and CEO of the Rayvan Group. Jarrett also serves as the host of the podcast "Nonprofit Nerd: Impact Unleashed."


Russ Phaneuf, a co-founder of IPM Advancement, has a background in higher education development, with positions at the University of Hartford, Northern Arizona University, and Thunderbird School of Global Management. As IPM's managing director & chief strategist, Russ serves as lead fundraising strategist, award-winning content creator, and program analyst specializing in applied system dynamics.

Rich Frazier has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 30 years. In his role as senior consultant with IPM Advancement, Rich offers extensive understanding and knowledge in major gifts program management, fund development, strategic planning, and board of directors development.


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