[NPFX Ep. 14] Self-Care for Nonprofit Fundraisers: How to Avoid Burnout

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Today’s topic: Self-Care for Nonprofit Fundraisers — How to Avoid Burnout

Staff retention and employee burnout is a challenge for many nonprofits, especially when it comes to their fundraising team. In today’s podcast episode, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons for nonprofit fundraiser burnout, and how you can prevent burnout for yourself or your staff.

Time-Stamped Episode Shortcuts:

  • Staff turnover statistics for nonprofit organizations [1:15]
  • Reasons for burnout and high turnover at nonprofits [2:28]
  • Real-world example of how burnout can hurt a nonprofit and its fundraising program [6:09]
  • Additional statistics on why fundraisers leave their jobs [7:44]
  • Why fundraisers who work in annual giving are the most likely to burn out [8:16]
  • How the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nonprofit employee burnout [11:20]
  • Using data helps keep fundraising staff and nonprofit leadership on the same page [14:45]
  • Lean on your partners and create a sense of shared goals to improve morale [16:50]
  • How episodic giving opportunities can add variety to the routine workload of annual giving [19:25]
  • Create a staff hiring and retention plan to prevent burnout before it happens [21:34]
  • How nonprofits are embracing employee wellness and why a healthy internal culture is so important [23:39]
  • When to seek outside support to relieve the pressure on nonprofit staff [26:42]
  • Advice for nonprofit professionals who manage multiple fundraising programs at once [28:03]
  • Recommendations and examples of personal self-care habits to prevent burnout [29:20]
  • Summary of the most important advice listeners should take away from this episode [37:06]

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