Overcoming Donor Apathy

In this course from IPM Advancement, you will learn why donors stop giving, plus how to implement effective strategies to increase donor retention and donor engagement.

6 Attributes of Highly Effective Nonprofit Organizations

In this exciting course, you will learn six attributes that define the most effective nonprofit organizations so you can build an army of supporters, advance your mission, and make a powerful impact in the world.


Why People

When you’re in the business of raising money for a cause, it’s crucial to understand why donors give. In this IPM whitepaper, we cover five key reasons why donors contribute.

Successful Major Gift Fundraising

For most successful nonprofits, major donors account for 80% or more of total charitable gifts. This whitepaper from IPM provides helpful tips for successful major gifts fundraising.

Build an Army of Activists

Advocacy is the art of mobilizing constituents to become activists who champion your cause or issue. Learn how to build your army of activists in this whitepaper from IPM.

Nine Metrics for Success

Nine key metrics can help you monitor and ensure your fundraising success. This whitepaper covers them all and provides a helpful calculator for measuring donor lifetime value.


A multi-channel approach, with all channels working in unison, can improve overall performance. In this IPM whitepaper, we explore what it means for your fundraising effort to be truly integrated.

Is Annual Giving Dead?

A drop in annual giving has led many nonprofits to abandon traditional fundraising strategies in recent years. Learn what parts of your annual giving program to change — and what parts to keep — in this IPM whitepaper.


Inside IPM: Meet Diana Gardner, VP of Client Development

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Giving Tuesday 2019 Results and What Your Nonprofit Should Take Away

Another Giving Tuesday has come and gone, and the results are in: According to The Chronicle of...

What’s the Lifetime Value of Your Donors?

There’s a saying: If you want to achieve your goals faster, measure your progress more frequently....

Writing a Great Thank You Letter: The First Step in Successful Donor Stewardship

So you’ve written a winning fundraising appeal. It has a compelling case for support, it makes...

The Reality of Digital Fundraising

Since the advent of online giving, many people have touted grand promises from the “digital...

What Should I Write About in My Next Appeal?

Let's say you and your team have created a strong annual fund strategy for the year....

How Nonprofits Succeed by Focusing on Others — Part 2: Emphasize Donor Impact

In Part 1 of this article, we explored the importance of your mission statement in...

How Nonprofits Succeed by Focusing on Others — Part 1: Learn to Say No

Your attention gets pulled in many different directions in the day-to-day management of your...

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