Nonprofit Fundraising Telefund Townhall
by IPM Advancement

How It Works

Engage donors and prospects with an effective, highly interactive Nonprofit Telefund Townhall experience that provides updates on your work, builds stronger relationships, and allows target audiences to contribute in a new way.

1. Identify the Audience

IPM Advancement works with you to identify current donors, internal prospects, and new list-based “lookalike” audiences that are most likely to engage in a Nonprofit Fundraising Telefund Townhall.

2. Script the Event

With input from your staff and organization leadership, we develop your Nonprofit Fundraising Telefund Townhall event complete with informative position statements, key talking points, live Q&A, poll questions, and regular donation appeals from our moderator.

3. Send Invitations

In preparation for the event, target audiences are invited to engage using a combination of automated calls to landlines, text messages to mobile phones, email, and social media promotion.

4. Host Your Town Hall

The live Nonprofit Fundraising Telefund Townhall is fully hosted and managed by IPM Advancement. During the event, listeners who act on our CTAs (calls to action) are directly transferred to live agents, who facilitate credit card contributions and pledges.

5. Convert Monthly Donors

During live agent interactions, special emphasis is placed on converting supporters to monthly sustaining donors — increasing ROI for the event and the organization as a whole.

6. Follow up and Assess

After the event concludes, IPM Advancement provides full reporting on outcomes, credit cards for gift processing, and handles pledge/donation follow-up with event contributors.

What You Can Expect

  • Quick setup and rollout time to allow your nonprofit to capitalize on rapid response fundraising opportunities.
  • Clear, upfront pricing based on the event’s target audience size.
  • Depending on house file size and event budget, target up to 2 million donors and prospects for each Nonprofit Fundraising Telefund Townhall event.
  • Expect a target ROI of 120% for your nonprofit organization based on past events that our team has managed.
  • Convert a percentage of event donors to monthly giving in real time, with past events showing a 5-10% conversion rate during the event and high retention of monthly sustaining donors following the event.

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