IPM WealthMarker™

In partnership with WealthEngine™ (WE), IPM WealthMarker™ provides nonprofits with a prospect rating tool that leverages wealth data and intelligence to drive major and planned giving fundraising.

Using WealthEngine’s core data of 240M individual profiles, IPM WealthMarker™ combines screening with a unique methodology to rate and prioritize prospects who have a high chance of conversion based on wealth and affinity.

IPM WealthMarker™ considers:


Assets such as real estate, stock holdings and ownership of planes and/or yachts


Business information such as title, employer, ownership, stock holdings


Behaviors such as charitable giving, political giving, nonprofit board service


Demographics, for instance age, contact information and marital status


Relationships with business and nonprofit connections


Proprietary Ratings and Scores including Estimated Giving Capacity, Propensity to Give, Net Worth and Estimated Annual Donations

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