IPM Advancement Consulting
IPM Consulting goes beyond traditional linear cause & effect evaluation. By applying a systems thinking approach, we help clients see the myriad intertwining issues within a given fundraising environment and fully consider how the organization’s responses can be optimized given time, budget and resource constraints.

what we offer

  • Annual giving & annual fund consulting
  • New donor prospecting & acquisition strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership, major & planned giving program development
  • Capital Campaign feasibility studies
  • Campaign plans, program design, calendars & workflows
  • Donor stewardship & retention strategy
  • Fundraising staff development training
  • Nonprofit board training & development, including BoardSource® Certified Governance Training

key benefits

Experienced guidance to translate analytics into actionable strategies designed to optimize your fundraising program.
Priority access to assessment and modeling products, including the IPM CAP Assessment™, IPM CoreDonor ID™, IPM OnPoint™, and IPM WealthMarker™.
Immediately actionable predictive modeling and target audience recommendations that focus on improving initial response and optimizing Donor Lifetime Value (LTV).
Customized recommendations that take into account the unique challenges and opportunities of the current fundraising environment and the organization’s short, medium and long-term revenue targets, including annual fundraising and capital campaign goals.
The opportunity to translate findings and recommendations into an organization-wide strategy designed to engage stakeholders in a unified vision and plan for donor engagement.

how can we help you?

IPM Advancement

16845 N. 29th Ave.
Suite 1-550
Phoenix, AZ 85053

877.4.IPMADV | 877.447.6238

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