Nonprofit Fractional Fundraising Services

Accomplish More and Let Us Do the Work with Fractional Fundraising by IPM Advancement

We offer a personalized approach to fractional fundraising for 501(c) nonprofit organizations. One of our experienced consultants will work with you to meet your short-term fundraising needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. 

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What is Fractional Fundraising?

Fractional fundraising is a flexible staffing solution for nonprofits, where fundraising professionals are hired on a part-time basis. These consultants provide strategic guidance, manage projects, write grants, and cultivate donor relationships. It is an ideal option for organizations with limited resources that cannot afford full-time staff or retainer-based fundraising agencies. By engaging consultants as needed, nonprofits can access fundraising expertise without the commitment of a full-time employee. This model enhances fundraising capacity, controls costs, and can be used to supplement existing efforts, bridge gaps during transitions or growth, and achieve financial goals while maintaining flexibility and scalability.

How Can IPM Advancement Help?

Elevate Annual Giving

An IPM consultant can help you manage a more effective annual giving program across all channels of donor and prospect contact.  

Lead Your Organization

Our experts are ready to help fill crucial leadership positions, including interim C-Suite roles and more.

Engage Our Creative Services

IPM's copywriting and graphic design consultants provide everything you need for content creation.

Secure More Grants

Our grantwriting professionals can help you formulate winning proposals to boost revenue from corporate, foundation and government funders.

Manage Major Gifts

Hiring a fractional fundraising professional can help you engage more major and planned giving donors with meaningful personal contact.

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