IPM Advancement Deployment
IPM Advancement serves nonprofit clients as a single-point-of-contact solutions provider. In addition to analytics and consulting, we have the deployment experience and capabilities needed to take any type of fundraising appeal or outreach project from concept to completion.

Deployment focus areas include:

integrated fundraising

IPM serves clients as a single-point-of-contact solutions provider. We have the experience and capabilities to take every type of fundraising appeal and advocacy project from concept to completion as part of a fully integrated fundraising strategy.

digital campaigns

Having a carefully designed and deployed strategy for digital is essential for new donor acquisition and reinforcement of positive perceptions. For most nonprofits, e-mail drives online fundraising strategy. We support clients in fully integrating their e-mail outreach in order to provide donors with attractive engagement, stewardship and giving opportunities. IPM also helps nonprofits expand their digital strategy to leverage Owned, Earned, and Paid channels including Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.


IPM encourages clients to continuously test their direct mail, phone and digital fundraising appeals, referencing Consulting recommendations and ongoing guidance. A consistent testing regimen — even with frequency limitations — provides vital data needed to optimize the fundraising program.


Successful Deployment requires close integration with the caging and gift entry operations of a nonprofit. This real-time response data provides immediate feedback on appeal effectiveness and informs continuous refinement. IPM Advancement requires all nonprofit fundraising clients participating in Deployment services to provide live access to this information.


Deployment is not a hands-off endeavor. As part of our commitment to fundraising success, IPM Advancement actively engages clients with direct, ongoing assistance in executing and managing deployment recommendations. Typical elements of this partnership include on-demand advancement consulting, weekly fundraising deployment meetings, and quarterly review sessions to ensure continuous improvements.

what we offer

  • Fully integrated fundraising campaigns
  • Direct mail fundraising
  • Inbound & outbound telefundraising
  • Opt-in conference calls, including Tele-Town Hall® events
  • Rapid-response appeals (digital, phone & mail)
  • Donor newsletters, magazines and annual reports
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Interactive digital content (polls, quizzes, calculators, and more)
  • Capital campaign prep & launch
  • Microcampaigns
  • Advancement program & project management

key benefits

Unfiltered, fully informed guidance to help staff and third-party vendors properly execute optimization recommendations.
The flexibility to continue working with third-party vendors or utilize IPM Advancement for testing and/or deploying direct mail, phone and digital campaigns.
Ongoing access to a customized suite of reports provided on a weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly basis.
Confidence in considering, vetting and implementing data-driven adjustments to fundraising programs on a go-forward basis.
Continuous, value-added training and professional development of fundraising staff during Deployment activities with IPM.

how can we help you?

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