[NPFX Ep. 16] Nonprofit Collaboration: The Power of Partnership (with Dr. Anne Newland and Sam Dean)

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Today’s topic: Nonprofit Collaboration — The Power of Partnership

More and more, nonprofits are relying on collaboration to advance their mission — especially these days with increased pressure caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Collaboration between nonprofits can provide many advantages to the organizations involved as well as the communities they serve. In today’s podcast episode, we will explore what it takes for nonprofit organizations to work well with others for greater impact.

Time-Stamped Episode Shortcuts:

  • Introductions and Bios [1:30]
  • Convening community to understand their needs is not a one-time event [5:01]
  • Serving on other nonprofit boards as informal collaboration [7:33]
  • How to find opportunities for nonprofit collaboration [11:12]
  • The advantages of partnering with other nonprofits [16:48]
  • Avoiding mission creep; questions to assess the risk of mission creep [18:43]
  • When to say no to a nonprofit collaboration [21:08]
  • Why some nonprofits don’t collaborate [23:23]
  • Specific advice for finding good nonprofit partners [27:32]
  • Examples of collaborations that worked and didn’t work [30:27]

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Dr. Anne Newland’s Bio

Anne Newland, MD, MPH is the Chief Executive Officer for North Country Healthcare. She is responsible for the the largest federally qualified health center in northern Arizona. Their clinics partner with community agencies to improve the quality of care and access to primary care for people across the state. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Newland and her team have been active re-imagining patient interactions to maintain CDC health protocols, all while being an instrumental provider of first COVID-19 tests and now COVID-19 vaccinations.

Prior to joining North Country in 2013, Dr. Newland worked for the Indian Health Service on the Navajo Reservation. She trained in Internal Medicine-Pediatrics at the University of Tennessee-Memphis, served as Chief Resident for Internal Medicine at UT, and later completed a Master in Public Health degree at Harvard School of Public Health as a Commonwealth Fund Mongan Fellow in Minority Health Policy. She works to improve the quality of care across the North Country system as well as to make it easier for people to see their primary care providers. 

Sam Dean’s Bio

Sam Dean combines a background in natural science as well as learning and cognition and a love of design, making, and lifelong learning opportunities. With over twenty-two years of experience in science center and children’s museum experiences, Mr. Dean moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2012 to become the founding Executive Director of the Scott Family Amazeum, a museum of curiosity and creativity dedicated to building communities rich in science and arts opportunities for kids and families. Over 1.25 million guests have come through the museum since opening in July 2015, and the organization is currently charting its future course along with community stakeholders.

Prior to the Amazeum, Mr. Dean has worked with national museums in San Francisco, Fort Worth, and Toledo, as well as helping to plan museums overseas in the Middle East and Turkey. Mr. Dean has served on the boards of numerous Northwest Arkansas organizations, including the Ozark STEM Foundation, Thaden School, and Trike Theatre for Youth.


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