[NPFX Ep. 21] Next Gen Donors and the Arts (with Jaimie Mayer)

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Today’s topic: Next Gen Donors and the Arts

Last year saw a measurable drop in philanthropic donations to nonprofit arts and culture organizations. While some are quick to blame the pandemic, others believe the bigger concern is the growing disconnect between the rising generation of donors and the arts and culture sector. In today’s podcast episode, our panel unpacks these latest findings and provides practical tips for how arts organizations can bridge the perceived gap by next gen donors between the arts and the social impact causes they care most about.

Time-Stamped Episode Shortcuts:

  • Introductions [1:46]
  • Is the decrease in giving to arts and culture nonprofits due to the pandemic or something else? [2:55]
  • How rising generation donors differ from older generations [5:23]
  • The relationship between the arts and social impact [7:53]
  • Has COVID provided a wake-up call to arts organizations to do things differently? [10:19]
  • What a 21st century arts organization needs to be to thrive [12:43]
  • 3 strategies nonprofits can use right now to engage next generation donors [15:17]
  • The problem with giving away too much for free [20:38]
  • What next gen donors care most about and why they give [23:05]
  • Examples of how specific organizations are making the connection for donors between the arts and social impact causes [25:21]  
  • Why the arts matter, especially now [30:31]

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Rich Frazier has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 30 years. In his role as senior consultant with IPM Advancement, Rich offers extensive understanding and knowledge in major gifts program management, fund development, strategic planning, and board of directors development.

Melissa Cowley Wolf has 20 years of experience in philanthropy, strategic planning, and programming for art museums and higher education institutions across the United States. As a philanthropy consultant, an advisor to next generation philanthropists, and arts advocate working across industries, Melissa and her work have been profiled in The New York Times, Financial Times, Inside Philanthropy, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The Art Newspaper, Artnet News, and more.

Jaimie Mayer is a creative producer and Chair of the Nathan Cummings Foundation. She has produced theatre on Broadway and off and had films premiere at Sundance and Showtime.


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