Engage Donors and Prospects with a Nonprofit Tele-Town Hall

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Tele-Town Hall meetings are a revolutionary approach to engaging donor groups of all sizes. While politicians have been using them for years, more and more nonprofits are turning their attention to this game-changing outreach method, giving them the ability to bring millions of constituents together around a single event or cause.

They’re also a great fundraising tool. With average in-call donation rates of 2-6% and average gifts of around $85, an event with 10,000 participants can raise more than $25,000 over the course of an hour – with larger audiences generating even more.


What is a Tele-Town Hall meeting?

A Tele-Town Hall meeting is a large-scale, personal communication tool with the power to help nonprofit organizations interact live with constituents and potential donors through a town-hall-style meeting conducted via the telephone. It is a convenient and innovative tool for sharing and collecting information with groups of all sizes, whether you need to engage hundreds of thousands of annual fund-level donors or smaller, more tailored donor segments including major givers or those interested in planned giving.

How often do constituents have the opportunity to sit in the audience of the president or CEO of an organization? Or hear directly from volunteers and staff who are on the ground and in the weeds serving the target population? Imagine a live call where donors and potential donors have direct access to a passionate nonprofit spokesperson – whether it be a rapid response crisis communication, a scheduled quarterly donor update, or a special opportunity to volunteer around an upcoming event. At any time during the call they can push a designated number on their keypad to be connected with an agent who can provide additional information, sign them up for an email or direct mail list, or take their credit card information and help them become part of something bigger.

Program Features
  • Fundraising: Before, During, and After
  • Two-way Information Sharing
  • In-call Donations
  • Email List Support
  • Volunteer Sign-Up
  • Recorded and Sharable


How does a Nonprofit Tele-Town Hall work?

Fundraising during and after a telephone town hall event has helped non-profits and other types of organizations raise significantly more revenue than traditional fundraising tools and at a higher return on investment.

Organizations set up a date and time to hold the town hall event. Depending on the number of speakers and focus of the call, most last around an hour. Using existing databases and email lists, two announcements are shared with the prospective attendee group. The first is typically sent 1-2 weeks out and the second is sent the day before the event. A registration landing page can be created with basic branding which can also be shared through direct mail and social media/internet outreach. Utilizing an inbound toll free number and automated outbound calls, the prospective group is welcomed into the Tele-Town Hall event.

During the event, there are a large variety of in-call actions that can be taken with just the push of a button, including polls, Q & A, and donation processing. You share your cause and passion with a large number of interested donors and prospective donors and generate funds that will help make a difference. Or, you have an intimate roundtable with your highest-level supporters. Whatever the purpose, the event can include follow up to extend your message and increase your total donations.

Other Available Services
  • Host or Emcee
  • Screeners
  • Donation Agents
  • Direct Mail Invitations
  • Social Media and Web Ads


What do donors get out of the experience?

The opportunity to engage on a deeper level and truly buy in! A Tele-Town Hall meeting can cast a wide net and help bring new people into the fold. Often times, constituents have given money or volunteered but still don’t have a true connection to the ongoing cause. They might not feel in touch or that they’re really helping to move the mission forward. A Tele-Town Hall event lends itself to engaging donors and activists on a deeper level. It is easy to dial millions of phone numbers and reach more constituents at a lower cost than most outreach options. Granting the choice to participate and engage makes it easy for someone on the other end to feel like they’re really part of the cause.

And, on the other end of the spectrum, Tele-Town Hall can allow you to nurture and grow relationships with your most ardent supporters. When done correctly, it’s an offering with high perceived value sure to engage even your deepest-pocketed donors.

Our statistics show that donors are more likely give, and to give more, when highly engaged during and immediately following participation in a Tele-Town Hall event.


What does IPM do to support the effort?

We know the unique challenges and opportunities that nonprofits face, as well as the best way to communicate those things with your various constituent groups. Whether it be donors, prospects, major donors, or anyone else your mission touches, we have the nonprofit experience and know-how to help you share your message and generate funds for your cause. The ability to reach out to millions at once by leveraging easy technology can be a game-changer for your organization.


On average, new IPM clients see a 34.8% increase in direct mail fundraising acquisition response rates within the first year of working with us. Want to learn more?

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