IPM Advancement Analytics
Before making recommendations, we help nonprofit clients critically examine their fundraising programs, the environments in which they are operating, donor/member giving behaviors, and more.

what we offer

  • IPM CAP Assessment™, our comprehensive fundraising program audit and assessment
  • IPM CoreDonor ID™, to understand who your ideal donors are and why they engage
  • IPM OnPoint™, to optimize advancement messaging and positioning
  • IPM WealthMarker™, in partnership with WealthEngine

key benefits

Data-driven analysis to inform and justify decisions about marketing, fundraising and organization management.
Objective identification of unseen and emergent strengths, vulnerabilities, trends and opportunities.
Deep insights for setting long-term strategies and making better-informed tactical decisions about target audience engagement.
Advanced analysis that goes beyond anecdotes and in-house reporting, allowing you to assess program performance, donor behavior, and giving trends over the life of the organization.

featured products

IPM CAP Assessment™

The IPM CAP Assessment™ (Comprehensive Advancement Program Assessment) is a detailed audit and assessment that considers all aspects of your organization’s fundraising program.  As the industry’s leading full-program assessment, the IPM CAP Assessment provides the insights your nonprofit needs in order to develop effective, defensible, data-supported strategies for annual giving, leadership giving & major gifts, planned giving, and capital campaign fundraising.

IPM OnPoint™

IPM OnPoint™ is an advanced messaging analysis that combines a comprehensive assessment of fundraising messages & positioning with powerful linguistic analysis that scores text on 40 communications variables.  OnPoint goes beyond subjective analysis to identify the critical linguistic characteristics of your messaging, opening the door to more effective fundraising and stewardship.

IPM CoreDonor ID™

IPM CoreDonor ID™ provides a powerful way to explore, visualize and better understand who your ideal donors are and why they engage with your nonprofit.  By combining demographic and psychographic analysis with lookalike modeling, CoreDonor ID helps you discover more effective ways to engage supporters over time — in ways that are truly meaningful and mutually rewarding — and move donors beyond episodic giving into lifelong philanthropic relationships.

IPM WealthMarker™

IPM WealthMarker™, in partnership with WealthEngine (WE), provides nonprofits with a prospect rating tool that leverages the industry’s most reliable wealth data and intelligence to drive major and planned giving fundraising. Using WealthEngine’s core data of 240 million individual profiles, WealthMarker combines WE screening with a unique methodology to rate, prioritize and model exceptional donors who have a high chance of conversion based on wealth and affinity.

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