White Papers

Our white papers are succinct and easy to read, yet packed with focused, specific insights and tips to help staff and leadership at nonprofit organizations identify solutions to their biggest challenges.

Donor Reactivation: The Low Cost Solution to Win Back Donors and Stop Donor Attrition

Nonprofit organizations are increasingly facing the challenge of a rapid decline in donor acquisition response rates.  More troubling, donor retention rates are sinking as well.  And with that comes immense pressure to launch a well-planned donor acquisition campaign.  But this can get real expensive, real fast. IPM Advancement’s latest white paper reviews why donor acquisition…

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How to Build an Army of Nonprofit Activists

Organizations that successfully master the art of organizing and supporting advocacy can gain an opportunity to inform, focus and amplify the collective voice of its supporters and concerned citizens in a way that can advance its mission. Activists can be a formidable force, and serve as a powerful tool when acting on behalf of a…

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Best Practices to Increase Email Fundraising Response Rates

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for nonprofit fundraising. It can also be one of the most challenging. Nonprofit organizations that attempt an email marketing campaign without a carefully planned strategy based on best practices will likely not achieve their ideal results. To meet or exceed their campaign goals, nonprofits must know…

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The Foundation of Fundraising Success: Understanding Why People Give

A critical element of successful nonprofit fundraising is understanding what motivates your target donors. Knowing what is most important to your audience will help you plan your approach and target your messaging in a way that is most likely to evoke an emotional response. This is key to ensuring you achieve your fundraising goals. In…

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Case Studies

When striving to overcome a challenge or solve a complex problem, it can often be extremely helpful to explore how other organizations handle issues similar to yours. Our case studies illustrate real world challenges brought to us by some of our biggest clients, and how we worked together to solve them.

IPM Advancement Helps Launch Brand New Annual Giving Program for The Wild Animal Health Fund

Our Latest Case Study: Learnings and Tips In the Face of ‘Cause Competition’ Today’s donors have an incredible number of choices for charitable giving.  And while no one wants to think about it, “cause competition” is a real, recurring issue for many nonprofit organizations. This race for philanthropic dollars is even more challenging in the…

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Autism Speaks Sees a 4x Increase in Online Revenue with IPM Advancement’s Integrated Fundraising Solutions

Integrated fundraising is a critical element of fundraising success in today’s nonprofit landscape. It is also a concept that can be challenging for many organizations. This case study walks you through a real-life example of how integrated fundraising solutions can offer significant benefits for your organization. We explain in detail how IPM Advancement was able…

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Our infographics present interesting statistics and other information in a creative and visual format. Useful and often surprising data is packaged in a fun, effective way so you can get quick takeaways relevant to the nonprofit sector.

Integrated Fundraising Increases Overall Donor Response

Integrated fundraising is becoming increasingly essential for nonprofit organizations that want to see the maximum return on investment for their marketing and fundraising efforts. However, this is a concept that is still somewhat confusing and intimidating for those at many nonprofit organizations. To help staff and leadership at these organizations better understand this topic—and appreciate…

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​​Fundraising and advocacy strategies tend to evolve​ and grow​ on what seems like a daily basis. Get up-to-date information on what’s going on in the​ nonprofit sector by reading the latest articles from ​IPM Advancement.

How Integrated Fundraising Maximizes ROI for Nonprofits

“Integrated fundraising” means more than simply using multiple channels to reach donors. Nonprofit organizations must strategically (and simultaneously) leverage the benefits of multiple solicitation methods working in unison. By doing so, nonprofit fundraisers can boost response and average gift amounts and maximize the return on their fundraising investment. So, What Exactly IS Integrated Fundraising? Running multiple campaigns in multiple…

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