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Non-Profit Fundraising Resources: White Papers


Non-Profit Fundraising Resources: White Papers

Since our inception in 2006, IPM Advancement has worked to create efficient, effective annual giving and FundraisingMembership, and Advocacy solutions for nonprofit organizations. It’s a job we take seriously, and we prove ourselves every day by designing industry-leading programs that get results based on intelligent, integrated strategies and superb execution.

We believe that being educated and well-informed about these solutions are critical to our success, and we are proud to impart some of our knowledge about non-profit fundraising to you through these complimentary white papers.


How to Build an Army of Nonprofit Activists
When nonprofit organizations engage in advocacy, they advance their own mission by becoming a mouthpiece through which their supporters champion their mission and serve the greater good. In this guide, we outline building your army so that you have boots on the ground to champion your cause. Download your complimentary copy today.




9 Tips to Successful Major Gift Solicitations
All nonprofits have their work cut out for them when soliciting major gifts. Competition remains fierce for every dollar donated, especially for major gifts. The need for a sound strategy and formalized solicitation process to achieve the best results is critical to reaching major gift goals. Remember that in most successful nonprofits, major donors account for 80% or more of your total charitable gifts supporting your organization and your programs. Download your complimentary copy today.




The Foundation of Fundraising Success: Understanding Why People Give
When you’re in the business of raising money for a cause, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental reasons why donors give. Once you understand those reasons, you can craft your fundraising campaigns accordingly, and your success rates will be far higher than if you attempt to ask for money without really understanding why a prospective donor would say yes – or no. So here, we outline the top five reasons why people give to charity. Download your complimentary copy today.




The Importance of Your Brand and Its Impact on ROI
It’s a common mistake: Non-profit organizations, recognizing the importance of direct fundraising – through direct mail, internet and phone – assume that direct “marketing” is all that matters, and forget about the importance of building, and maintaining, a strong brand. This guide provides readers five ways to maximize ROI through brand recognition. Download your complimentary copy today.




How Nonprofit Advocacy Campaigns Impact Fundraising
It’s a common mistake: Although the association may not be initially apparent, advocacy and fundraising have become increasingly connected in the nonprofit world. This document will discuss the correlation between the two activities and why nonprofit organizations integrate advocacy campaigns with fundraising to improve results. We’ll provide an example of how one nonprofit organization expertly uses advocacy today, outline the many benefits of advocacy and provide recommendations for developing advocacy campaigns. Download your complimentary copy today.




What are the 9 Key Measurements to Determine the Health and Wealth of Your Nonprofit Fundraising Program?
How do you measure your fundraising success? Like most things in life, keeping it simple is key. Whether your strategy is based on internet, phone, mail, or a combination of all three, you can gain a clear picture of your fundraising success by applying some basic measurement tools. This document discusses the nine key measurements that can determine the health and wealth of your program, and the role of each in evaluating your fundraising success. Download your complimentary copy today.




How Integrated Fundraising Maximizes Return on Investment for Nonprofits
Today, nonprofit organizations have a wide and varied assortment of communication channels available for integrated fundraising campaigns. The more channels a nonprofit uses, the broader audience that receives it. However, more exposure to donors doesn’t necessarily equate to higher donations. Download your complimentary copy today.




6 Key Things to Consider before Launching your eMail Fundraising Campaign
Our new white paper provides details on how you can develop a winning campaign. With proven strategies, you can secure the greatest number of donors and raise the most money. We use our years of experience to outline what really works in email fundraising.

Download your complimentary copy today.




Best Practices to Increase eMail Fundraising Response Rates.

Don’t risk having your email campaigns fall short of your goals. Based on our years of experience with countless email fundraising campaigns, we’ve compiled a “best practices” white paper to help you achieve the greatest results.

Download your complimentary copy today.




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